Cleaning up after a fire is often a mammoth task which can also be soul destroying. As a home owner, the rational thought is to be grateful if there are no fatalities. But seeing all your possessions charred into an unrecognizable sooty mess can depress even the happiest person.

Your home will not only be damaged by the fire, but might also be flooded due to fire fighting efforts.

What a double whammy.

Dealing with the aftermath of a fire includes smoke, soot, water damage and possibly chemicals used by fire fighters. Before you tackle the clean up yourself, make you firstly assess the damage and secondly, know when to call in the professionals. If the fire damage is limited to one room you can buy the right materials. If the damage is more extensive, don’t hesitate to contact a trusted fire cleaning service provider.

Follow these tips to minimize hassles after a devastating fire:

* Get permission from a fire marshal to re-enter your home. You have to make sure the house is structurally sound before you re-enter.

* Dry any wet items before attempting smoke clean up. It may be best to hire professionals to do a flood and fire cleaning service combination clean up.

* In order to reduce the long term damage caused by a fire, a thorough clean is necessary.

* Wear protective clothing at all times, including a face mask and safety goggles.

* Get rid of the pervasive smoke odour by using white vinegar in a bowl, or baking soda sprinkled over affected areas.