Marble flooring and counter tops are seen as the epitome of luxury and elegance that many of us aspire to, but what if it’s not just the price putting you off?

Taking care of marble can seem like a daunting task for most, but if you love all things beautiful and shiny, you can definitely factor in a few minor changes to your routine to maintain the finish of your marble surfaces and flooring. See our tips below.

*Sealing your marble surfaces and flooring will repel stains but does not make it completely stain proof. The correct sealant for the type of marble you have should be applied every year or second year depending on use.

*Avoid harsh cleaners and chemicals. Even every day use cleaning products are too harsh for your marble surfaces. Handle your marble with care by using mostly water and a soft cloth for every day cleaning.

*Avoid acidic substances such as vinegar, citrus and tomato. While vinegar is commonly used as an effective cleaning agent, it is not suitable for marble. Use coasters at all times and wipe spills immediately, to avoid staining and etching.

* Don’t scrub the surface, rather use corn starch to sprinkle over grease spots, let sit for 20mins and wipe off with a damp cloth.

* Don’t place toiletry products on your bathroom counter tops as the ingredients in these products can tarnish the marble surface.

* Avoid food items such as cumin, curry powder and coffee grounds.

Should you have a large area of marble to clean, or many rooms within a hotel or corporate building, make use of professional marble cleaning services to assist you with this task.