If you’ve ever worked in a laboratory then you’ll know how strict the rules are with regards to keeping everything clean and organized.

Researchers in laboratories conduct vital experiments everyday and they are working under stringent conditions with regards to cross contamination and critical errors.

The chemicals they work with are often hazardous and proper quality checks are done regularly to ensure that staff and research projects are safe.


Here we list ways to keep your laboratory clean and organized.

Regularly Clean Laboratory Equipment

Not only does cleaning extent the life span of the equipment but it also protects against cross contamination. By having adequate cleaning supplies and the necessary cleaning checklists, you can make it easier for laboratory staff to maintain clean laboratory standards.

Laboratory Management

Laboratory management includes not only the processes within the lab but also the safety of the laboratory. Spills should be cleaned immediately to avoid cross contamination. Create a cleaning roster which details what must be cleaned and when it must be cleaned. Surfaces and instruments are to be cleaned daily, and check your chemical inventory regularly to get rid of expired items.

Regular Audits

Lab workers are responsible for cleaning their own work areas which need to be ready for the next day. Above this, you should have a cleaning contractor that has proper knowledge about the specific requirements for cleaning a laboratory.


A proper cleaning routine plays an important role in laboratory safety as it prevents accidents and reduces risk of cross contamination. Maintain a safe work environment by adhering to regulatory standards and conducting regular lab maintenance.

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