Having a housekeeper has always been thought of as a luxury for the elite and while the concept and role of a housekeeper has changed over the years, many of us still feel reluctant about ‘splurging’ on a housekeeper when cleaning is something we can do ourselves. While we pay for almost every service possible including paying someone to make our food, clothes, paint our houses…the role of a housekeeper is a very up close and personal one. We allow someone into our private space, they get to see how we live everyday and very often people find themselves tidying up BEFORE the housekeeper arrives and also feel a sense of guilt being in the house while the housekeeper is cleaning.

There are many reasons why people employ housekeepers and if you find yourself weighing up your options then you’re already half way there. People are often confused with the kind of help they need. Do you have a clutter problem? Instead of a housekeeper maybe you would be better off hiring a personal organizer. Do you need help with special cleaning projects such as deep cleaning your appliances and cupboards? Then you might need seasonal help in the form of a once off cleaning service. If you need help on a daily basis and want to cut down on your daily cleaning time, then a housekeeper is the best option.

If you work full time, and love entertaining then a housekeeper can be a huge help in cutting down on the time you spend cleaning. Parents often feel no shame hiring a housekeeper as this allows them to have quality family time instead of having to worry about cleaning the house everyday.

Obviously it goes without saying that hiring a housekeeper doesn’t mean you never have to clean again, but it does mean that tidying up your house will take a fraction of the time it used to and if you learn how to manage the house correctly you can avoid a lot of unnecessary cleaning.

Establishing a clear understanding with your housekeeper is vital as you need to be upfront about what you expect and also how the housekeeper will be remunerated. Please be sure to check the basic employment conditions for guidelines and processes to avoid legal action. In each home there are house rules and your housekeeper needs to be made aware of these rules on her first day. As far as possible have signed agreements which will protect both you and the employee.

If the focus is more on deep cleaning then tidying up any clutter before your housekeeper arrives will help make her job easier and also avoid items being misplaced or damaged.

If you are looking for someone to help you in a corporate environment there are specialized cleaning services in East London which can assist you.

There really is no need to be suffering daily with cleaning and hygiene issues, as there are professional people dedicated to this.

*Top Tip: Make sure you do all your research as well as reference checks before you employ someone privately.