Keeping your house clean when you have pets might seem nearly impossible but not when you have the right tools at hand and a constant routine in place to avoid the build up of dirt and pet hair.

Grooming your pets outside is a great preventative measure, because the more hair you have on the brush, the less hair you have floating around your house. Ideally your pets should be brushed every second day, depending on the length of the coat as well as the size of your house. If you have a garden with a few trees you can ‘pay it forward’ by leaving your dog’s hair in little bird houses to assist birds with nest building. I have fond memories of doing this as a child.

Avoid feeding pets on your carpets, preferably use an outdoor area, and if this is not possible, make use of a place mat under their bowls indoors. This will help with spills, as cleaning the place mat everyday is much easier than water and food mess being tracked throughout the house.

A good quality vacuum cleaner is your best friend when you are a pet owner. Make sure to choose one with a high-grade filter as they keep allergens inside the machine with their special filtration system. Use the upholstery tool to suction hair off couches and curtains.

Work quickly on stains. Absorb as much of the moisture as you can and then use a cloth dipped in water mixed with dishwashing liquid to dab the stain. ‘Rinse’ with a different dabbing cloth dipped in plain water. For stubborn stains make use of a professional cleaning service in Johannesburg. Avoid using ammonia based cleaners; the scent is similar to the scent of animal urine and could encourage your pets to return to the ‘scene of the crime’.

It is crucial to house train your pets as soon as possible and should you have more than one new addition in the house, contact a cleaning service to assist you to avoid stain and germ build up on your carpets and hardwood flooring.

The key to maintaining a house with pets is consistency.