How clean is your home really?

Many of us make the mistake of thinking our homes are safety zones when it comes to germs but the reality is that germs remain on surfaces for a while and if you do not regularly wash your hands you can carry germs home with you.

Getting rid of all bacteria and viruses in your home isn’t possible or even recommended but there are steps you can take to minimize the possibility of becoming ill and reinfecting other members of your family.

Keeping your home free of dust might seem logical enough but did you know that dust can irritate your lungs if not cleaned properly? Sweeping and dusting cleans the majority of the dust but still allows for particles to be disturbed and relocated else where. This dust can be irritation to your lungs and cause or aggravate respiratory issues. Clean all dust with a wet cloth for best results.

Everyone at some point has shooed a fly away from a tasty family meal but are we really aware of the infections these tiny pests carry around on their feet? Before flies find their way into your home it is very likely they were feasting on waste products and soiled food. Install window nets or use special sprays such as Mortein Naturgard Automatic spray to keep these flying hosts of infection away for good.

Everyone is aware of the importance of having  clean and hygienic bathroom but don’t fall for the misconception that your bathroom is 100% bacteria free after one intense clean a week. Bacteria breeds quickly and the only way to ensure all round hygiene is to make use of hygiene services in Cape Town, but we all know that comes at a price and they only work on a bigger scale. But ensure that you flush with the lid DOWN so as to prevent the spreading of microscopic dirt and germs on to toothbrushes and other surfaces. Replace your toilet seat when it looks aged or broken. Invest in proper cleaning products and equipment to have a more hygienic clean.

The kitchen is an area of the home that we all endeavour to keep clean for obvious reasons but disease could be hiding in plain sight. Be sure to avoid cross contamination by cleaning cutting boards and knives thoroughly. In the summer when flies and heat add to the decomposition of waste, make sure to empty your rubbish bin more often. Make sure that you clean all spills immediately, including inside the fridge.

A ‘clean as you go’ approach is always best to maintain a clean and hygienic home. A deep clean is needed every 2 to 3 weeks depending. check out our spring cleaning post for tips on decluttering, which also assists in keeping your home clean.