At the beginning of the year I’m not sure what comes over me but I have this urge to clean and declutter.

I usually do one room at a time and take it from there. Following the 3 pile approach usually works for me:

  • Trash or Recycle
  • Keep
  • Sell or Donate

Everyday items are obviously for keeps, broken items are trashed and unwanted items in good condition are either sold or donated. There are plenty of secondhand groups on Facebook these days where you can sell unwanted items, as well as awesome freecycle groups to donate unwanted items.

I am a messy clean person. Meaning that my house isn’t always organized but it is always clean. I have a cupboard in my kitchen dedicated to a variety of cleaning products, as well as a stash of gloves as I have eczema and cleaning products aggravate my skin.

My kitchen and bathroom are always spotless. My living area and bedroom…not so much. But when that cleaning feeling takes over there’s no stopping me. My husband is well away of the ‘cleaning buzz’ that takes over and knows well enough to clear a path.

Because of my busy schedule I don’t always have time to dedicate to cleaning everything myself, so I make use of a cleaning service in Cape Town, Kempston Cleaning, to take care of my offices throughout the day. Their staff have really impressed me as I have made use of other companies in the past that have not met with my cleaning expectations.

Decluttering has so many benefits, you can bless someone with goods you don’t use, or you can make some much needed money off of it, and minimizing your clutter also makes cleaning easier. Recycling unwanted items or trash also sustains the environment. So you can feel good while cleaning too!